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Air Freight From China to Kenya

From China to your doorstep in Kenya, We ship and deliver to you.

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Sea Freight Across Countries

We help you transport finished goods or raw materials that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to ship by air.

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Customs Clearance

Full range of customs clearing and international freight forwarding services.

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Place an order with Any Online Shopping platform such as Amazon, eBay.

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Kisima Cargo

We offer a combination of experience and passion in the shipping industry for our customers. This translates to efficient, fast, and reasonably priced shipping and customs solutions.
We adopt a transparent and honest approach when handling shipping and custom clearances service. Our unmatched speed and efficiency ensure that your goods move from point A to B without expecting any delays. The best part is that you will be in control of your shipment. You can trust with

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Air Cargo Freight

At Kisima cargo, we partner with the leading international airlines to offer the most reliable international logistics for businesses and individuals.

Sea Cargo Freight

At Kisima Cargo, we offer industry-specific knowledge that every customer needs to have their cargo moving without experiencing any delays.

Fast Custom Clearance

We are the specialists in the customs world, and we aim at ensuring that you can clear imports and exports without experiencing any delays.

World’s Leading Contract Logistics Provider

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The world of customs is complex, and can be confusing for any individual. This is the primary reason why you need to seek the services of experts. We have the most competent and qualified custom clearance experts ready to save you time and money by avoiding time-consuming delays and costly charges. Our simple approach to customs clearance is what really makes a difference.

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Pre & Post Shipment Services

Guiding you on all pre and post shipment services

Liaising & Follow Up

Liaising and following up with all the authorities and relevant bodies

Preparation & Handling

Preparation and handling of the necessary documents

Shipment Formalities

Various post shipment formalities and endorsements

Logistics Coordination

Full warehousing as well as logistics coordination


Frequently Asked Questions

International Sea Shipping usually takes about 6 weeks from the official date of departure. International Air Freight on the other hand takes 3 working days thereabout.

The weekly Air Freight Cargo that leaves UK to Kenya is every Friday and the goods can then be collected or delivered the following week – Wednesday. Should there be a slight delay you can anticipate a delivery come Thursday post-departure.

By Sea, we charge £2.50 per kilogram + an additional £15 handling fee

For Air cargo delivery,  we charge £5.99 per kilogram plus an additional £25 handling fee.

The charges are inclusive of all customs charges. A chance to worry less on customs

We can ship from any where in the world and get goods delivered to your convenient location

Some of the Countries we do ship from include: UK, All of Europe, USA, India, China, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan

We have the capacity to ship cargo from any corner Globally actually, Just reach out and a Kisima Cargo Company agent shall keep in touch.

Kisima  Cargo speciality revolves around Cargo and Logistics. In regards to Online Shopping logistics we can help you shop online from Some of the most prominent websites like Amazon and eBay just to mention but a few. We then ship goods internationally to Kenya from the UK, All of Europe, USA, India, China, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa and Pakistan

We can hand-hold you all through the shopping process when placing orders, shipping and delivery to your preffered destination. We make it easier for you by allowing you to use one of our office branches abroad as your shipment address.

We currently accept MPESA, VISA, local currencies, and Master Card. It is okay to make the payment for the goods and have the shipping costs catered for once they land in our Nairobi offices at Lunga Lunga.

Do not hesitate to send us your shopping details and the product links to prepare a quote for you

Kisima Cargo will by no means handle prohibited goods like drugs, fake currency or pornographic materials. We also restrict shipment of otherwise legal substances due to safety concerns. This includes potentially dangerous chemicals like absinthe, salicylic esters and benzoic aldehyde. We also do not handle tobacco, alcohol, shisha or khat. Other goods we may not be able to ship in accordance to the law include ivory goods, precious metals and stones, firearms and traps capable of killing or capturing wildlife