About Us

who we are
Company Overview

Kisima Cargo

At Kisima Cargo, we have a dedicated and reliable team. We focus on providing quality international shipping services for individuals and businesses in Kenya.


One of the reasons Kisima Cargo stands out as the best supplier of international logistics and shipping services is reliability.


We have invested in modern logistics tools as well as process to enhance efficiency in the shipping process, from pickup all the way to final delivery.

What Guides Us

Core Values


We pledge to get your shipment from point A to B, faster, safely, and at the most competitive prices.


In the logistics world, we acknowledge that nothing beats being open, honest and transparent about the whole process.


When working with us, we treat you as a human, not just a number.

Team Work

We work as a team to ensure that our clients enjoy quality full range of international logistics services.

We simplify the shipping experience and make it easy for you

What Guides Us

Mission & Vision


To work tirelessly and offer the safest, efficient, quick way for customers in East African market to move goods. We aim at handling the hassle involved with shipping for individuals & businesses.


We aim at becoming the number one international logistics provider in East Africa providing efficient shipping for individuals and businesses.